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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


Learn about the Magic Of Purple Plates.

*SALE* Unique Limited Items

One-of-a-kind hand embellished jewelry.
Product Image Item Name+ Price
Bling and Crystals Unusual Necklace

Eye-catching bling and crystal necklace...

$16.99 Sale: $14.44Save: 15% off
Blue Obsidian Necklace with Energy Disk

Unusual and mystical dark blue obsidian...

$36.00 Sale: $30.60Save: 15% off
Blue Versatile necklace with Disk

Lots of great blues in this 76" long ne...

$32.99 Sale: $28.04Save: 15% off
Ceramic Symbol Tile with Purple Energy Disk

This green ceramic mystery piece is pai...

$22.00 Sale: $18.70Save: 15% off
Chunky Necklace with Mixed Crystal and Disk

Beautiful, elaborate necklace (which ca...

$49.99 Sale: $42.49Save: 15% off
Confetti Bead Necklace with Purple Energy Disk

Multi-color beads on four strands of si...

$28.99 Sale: $24.64Save: 15% off
Crystal Beaded Necklace with Energy Disk

Colorful cyrstal beads with gold accent...

$32.99 Sale: $28.04Save: 15% off
Inlaid Wood Flower with Disk Necklace

Inlaid wood flower disk on matching cor...

$19.99 Sale: $16.99Save: 15% off
Large Magesite Earrings with Purple Tesla Disk

Stunningly silver, large magnesite and ...

$26.99 Sale: $22.94Save: 15% off
Magnesite and mini-suns with Purple Energy Disks

Stunning display of magnesite embellish...

Man in Moon Disk Necklace with Large Energy Disk

Lovely rendering of man in hte moon on ...

$22.99 Sale: $19.54Save: 15% off
Moroccan-style Pendant

Beautiful Moroccan style stunner. Main ...

$30.00 Sale: $25.50Save: 15% off

New Products For June - *SALE* Unique Limited Items

Only-One Cat's Eye Shell with Energy Disk

This is a cat's eye shell: each one the...

$28.00 Sale: $23.80Save: 15% off
Only One Huge Cubic Zirconia Earrings & Disks

Large pear-shaped cubic zirconia earrin...

$30.00 Sale: $25.50Save: 15% off
Only One Hematite and Pearls

Beautiful 18" strand of hematite, cryst...

$38.00 Sale: $32.30Save: 15% off
Only-One Eye Shell Bracelet with Turquoise

This is a cat's eye shell on a dark met...

$32.00 Sale: $27.20Save: 15% off
Only-One Rhinestone Peace Sign with large Energy Disk

Large dark rhinestone peace sign paired...

$20.99 Sale: $17.84Save: 15% off
Confetti Bead Necklace with Purple Energy Disk

Multi-color beads on four strands of si...

$28.99 Sale: $24.64Save: 15% off