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TEAL AGATE Celestial Heavenly SLICE

TEAL AGATE Celestial Heavenly SLICE

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TEAL AGATE Celestial Heavenly SLICE - Approx. 4” X 3”

This sliced agate is coloured using an iron salt, adding the assertive qualities or iron and the balancing properties of salt. Ferrous Salt is used to improve iron levels in humans which makes This a closely linked mineral indeed. (No I don't recommend sucking on your agate.) The color blue instills independence and the ability to follow your own inner guidance, it is a nurturing vibration also, if you tend to be a bleeding heart type, I would avoid this color and use the fuchsia.

It is a great addition to your crystal collection if you are seeking to ascend and take spiritual concepts to use in practical ways, things like the law of attraction are only effective when used in a practical way, practicality is the mainstay strength of all agates. Hanging or displaying this particular agate in a room will enhance meditative experiences and allow you to bring spiritual knowledge to the earth plane.

You want this crystal if:

There is a tendency to be airy fairy or impractical

You tend to be needy or constantly seek approval of others

Stamina is an issue for you ·

You ignore your inner guidance. Intuition and knowing

Practical applications elude you (i.e. you struggle with any practical requirement, computer, phones or other equipment, following instructions etc)

You struggle to release into a genuine meditative state

Find it difficult to express your spiritual reality in practical terms

Grounding or being grounded is difficult for you

As a reader you need to bring spiritual concepts to others in a way they understand

Chakra: Any adds to spiritual experiences when used at the crown Element: Earth Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn