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RHODONITE Touchstone 30 X 40 mm

RHODONITE Touchstone 30 X 40 mm

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The soft pink energy of Rhodonite is associated with emotional healing. Rhodonite can clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past and enable forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. It aids in fulfillment of your highest potential, builds confidence and alleviates confusion.

Rhodonite can be placed on the Heart Chakra to stimulate, clear and activate it. It is also said to be beneficial for skin complaints, healing cuts and wounds and reducing scarring.

This wonderful crystal helps to draw out hidden talents and encourages you to use or develop the abilities you already have. As a touchstone rubbing it and holding it in your palm will have an impact on your productivity, so handle it often when depressive thoughts overwhelm your natural abilities to learn and express what you have learned in a way that empowers you. Satisfaction comes when passion meets intention.

It is an awesome crystal for pushing through procrastination and negative gearing in areas where the desire seems to fire up but the motivation lags behind. Reading your full potential requires a belief in yourself at the outset, to learn something new you need to believe that you can learn.

You need this crystal if :

-You lack confidence in your abilities

-You procrastinate

-It is time to learn something completely new

-You struggle to do the things you love

-To learn to appreciate your talents (all of them)

-Recognize your strengths

-You say 'I can't' 'I'm dumb'

-Looking for a job or career direction

-Feel stuck or in a dead end in life

-Can't see the potential of skill development

CHAKRAS INVOLVED: Heart and Solar Plexus


ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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