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MULTI-AGATE Eagle Eye Touchstone 30X40 mm (Pair)

MULTI-AGATE Eagle Eye Touchstone 30X40 mm (Pair)

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Being a Banded Chalcedony sets it apart from other forms of this crystal, which comes in so many colors and forms that you can relate to this stone in any way that suits you. Add to that the natural color vibrations which usually play an intrinsic part in the energy frequencies emitted by this hardy stone. In addition, the agate standard properties of practical application the eagle eye lives up to its name by providing insight into any situation where there may be hidden aspects, the layering allows for details to be spotted that may otherwise have been missed.

Looking into the future is not quite the same as seeing into the distance, but this stone personifies the ability to see consequence in far ranging ways making its earth energy qualities indispensable to anyone making long range plans.

This stone is helpful when starting new friendships, especially if YOU tend to come across as an aggressive or forceful person that doesn't usually make a good "first impression".

You want this crystal if:

You are in litigation of any sort

There are many components to a future business plan

You are in a role requiring contractual understanding

It is time to make long range plans for the future

Where sudden change has made a current lifestyle impossible

Where you keep getting blindsided by unforeseen circumstances

When trust is an issue in any relationship

If you are getting set to make a long term financial commitment

When engaging in investments of any sort

When you are over sensitive to criticism of your projects, dreams and goals

When you easily lose motivation

Chakra: Any with particular benefit to crown and third eye Element: Earth Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn