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HUNZA WATER SYSTEM- Large (2 tubes)

HUNZA WATER SYSTEM- Large (2 tubes)

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What is more important to health than clean, unpolluted water that contains the Life-Force Energy? The Hunza Living-Energy Water Systems re-oxygenate the water giving it more life-force energy to benefit all living organisms, and seems to bind heavy metals and other substances such as chlorine so that they do not build up either in your pipes or in your body. HUNZA TUBES


Installation instructions
Place one tube on the incoming water supply, usually this is located near the front of the house, by using the nylon straps included. The other tube should be placed on top of the water heater, no straps necessary.

How does the Hunza work?
Once the Hunza is installed, the water is bombarded by a high frequency of energy. The atoms of the water are agitated and set into motion (known as ionization). As there is no polarity to this energy, the ionization of the atoms continue to spread through the water pipes and hot water heater and is reinforced by the Hunza Water Conditioner.

What will the Hunza do for me?
The Hunza will eliminate or greatly reduce the chlorine (a deadly poison) in the water, therefore improving the taste and smell of the water dramatically.

  • Neutralize the effects of the negative mineral deposits in the water.
  • The Hunza also acts as a water softener which reduces the amount of soap needed to wash clothes, dishes, hair, etc…
  • Reduces mineral build up in sinks, toilets, and around faucets.
  • The energized water is beneficial to most living things (people, animals and most plants).

Water is of vital importance to all creatures on the planet. Our goal is to supply an amazing product, available to everyone, at an affordable price. Installation requires only a few minutes but the benefits are for a lifetime!

The Hunza System is among the best products available from PurplePlates.Com. The system was produced by the manufacturer from the outgrowth of 20 years testing and marketing products worldwide.

Learn more about the benefits of using the Hunza Water System.