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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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New Products

Set of 3 Malas

Three different colors of malas, each with 33 matching beads plus large end bead and tassel. Blue, green, and lavender.

Price: $7.99
White Musk Incense Sticks

Fragrant white musk incense from India. 20 sticks.

Price: $3.98
Monastery and Temple Incense

This 1 oz. Monastery "Queen of Heaven" Incense is the thick, high quality resin incense used in many temples, in velvet bag.

Price: $9.00
Sacred White Sage

One ounce Sacred White Sage. When the leaves of the Sage plant are burned, and the smoke is directed into and onto areas that are in need of clearing and protection, the spirit of White Sage carries with it the negative energy that was once attached, back up to the Spiritual Light.

Price: $4.89
Pair of Merkaba Star Lanterns

Beautiful pair of tall, crystally glass lanterns with Merkaba Stars carved into the design. 7" tall.

Price: $65.00
Pyrite Crystal with Purple Energy Disk

Pyrite is said to be a protective, shielding stone and is excellent to wear or carry as an amulet to deflect harm and danger. It is especially helpful when one is away from home or performing hazardous work. Pyrite guards against ongoing control, criticism and manipulation by a partner, parent or employer, lending the power to resist without becoming angry or upset, changing the balance of power. Paired with a Tesla Purple Energy Disk will help amplify its power.

Price: $19.99
Dancing Green Earrings

These earrings seem to have a life of their own as the gold chains attached to the stones twist and move as you do. Only one.

Price: $25.00
Amber Heart-Shaped Glass Lantern

Amber glass heart-shaped bottle. Approximately 9" x 3 ". All come with extra set of lights. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE.

Price: $35.99
Chunky Necklace with Mixed Crystal and Disk

Beautiful, elaborate necklace (which can be doubled around neck and also adjustable) with crystals, tiger eye and weighty crystal embellishments paired with large Tesla Energy Disk.

Price: $29.99
Only-One Cat's Eye Shell with Energy Disk

This is a cat's eye shell: each one the operculum or foot-closure of a sea-snail called a Turban Shell or Turbo, widely used in Europe and the Middle East for protection against the evil eye, no doubt because they themselves resemble eyes. They vary from 5/8" to 7/8" in size, and are used as protective charms. It's paired with a Purple Energy Disk on a black cord.

Price: $28.00