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We are very sad to report that our founding owner, corrine DeWinter has passed away suddenly on Aug 22 of this year. Corrine put her life’s passion into helping those in need. Purple plates are no exception. We ask that you please be patient with us as we work through next steps. We are blessed by the overwhelming demand for the healing plates and are doing everything we can to fulfill our commitment to you as a customer.
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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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Crystals / Stones and More


In the past, jewelry was much more than a decoration and beauty object. Minerals and metals employed in the jewelry were selected and combined together to create a desired “magic” or “healing” effect, to bring help and protection against particular ills or enemies. Talismans and amulets were sought after as powerful instruments in the struggle with evil forces and different diseases.

What are the “magical” properties that the minerals which compose various gemstones may possess? It is believed that minerals can accumulate and channel large amounts of energy to the wearer, as well as enclose and transmit to the outside various codes (information), fulfill protective functions, influence mood and temperament of its wearer, etc. From various ancient sources we learn about miraculous crowns and necklaces decorated by gemstones (mainly Rubies and Diamonds) that were able to deeply affect the mentality of the wearer

Most minerals combine not one, but several aspects of magical powers. After centuries of observations and studies it is possible today to distinguish between “happy”, “unhappy”, “friendly”, “unkind” stones, and so on.


Some stones are capable of emitting a powerful, coherent beam of light known as laser radiation.

The laser beam, although barely visible, can penetrate deeply into a living tissue. For example, Alexandrite is capable to create such radiation continuously. Alexandrite laser is used in engineering to evaluate the temperature and pressure of gaseous environment. Installed in the front part of airplane, an Alexandrite gage warns pilots about possible turbulence in advance.

Laser effect may indeed be the source of many magical properties of gemstones. A special method of photography (developed by Kirlian) revealed that different crystals have different radiation spectra. Even crystals of the same mineral have strictly individual radiation. In fact, each crystal has its own “energy encryption”, “crystal fingerprints”. For this reason, Purple Plate customers often “charge” or “clear” their stones and crystals on a PURPLE ENERGY PLATE.

Besides emitting its own radiation, many crystals have the ability to change or absorb, reflect and redirect an external radiation, such as sunlight. As a result we observe colors and color changes in gemstones. Many precious and semiprecious stones are transparent and have a strong shine, it means they have an ability to absorb and reflect and consequently, to change radiant energy. Scientists have established that the color of minerals is connected to ions of the elements capable at insignificant external influence to give up electrons, entering in a crystal lattice.

The gemstone "breathes” & lives its own internal life. Its external manifestation makes a set of qualities which are “magical”.

Magicians and sorcerers were the first to pay attention to the relationship between person and stone. Stones of red, violet, dark blue, green colors have the strongest influence on the person; yellow minerals and rocks influence to a lesser degree.

Diamond stands apart among colorless stones. Influence of Diamond is so substantial, that can change the fate not only of its owner, but also of his relatives.

Tiny additions of some metals, such as iron, copper, manganese, chrome, lithium can have a significant effect on the energy of a crystal.

Dr. Carl (Karl) Ludwig von Reichenbach was one of the first scientists who investigated unusual phenomena in crystals. He established that around the stones there is a certain force field, not visible and not felt by most people. Any self-organizing system, whether it be a mineral or a person, acts as an oscillator with the certain frequency of fluctuations. When frequencies coincide, there is a resonance, i.e. an information and energy exchange between the stone and the person.

Some magical properties of minerals are connected with their natural weak radioactivity. It is typical for carnelian and amber. The ability of carnelian to stir up, strengthen the body, and inflame passions is caused by a tiny amount of radium. That is why it is recommended to be worn only periodically, not constantly.

Every stone has its own magical power and its own philosophy. People have always searched for a true, philosophical stone, not suspecting that each person has his own.
If you look closely at a stone, you'll see that it is alive and can "feel" any mood. It can serve you, protect, even manipulate or guide you.

A stone bears the spirit of its origin, a smell of the sea, light of the sun, wisdom of the earth and certainly, the person it embodies.

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