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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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Beware of Fake Tesla Purple Plates Claims...Read This


Here are the two websites making false claims:

Nature’s Alternatives
Energy Plates

In response to the FALSE STATEMENTS made by & we feel the need to let the truth be known, and provide the following Facts:

1. We have sold the Genuine Purple Energy Plates for over two decades at and many customers have happily returned for more.

2. When Ralph Bergstresser passed away the Purple Plate company was legally assigned to be left to two friends of Ralph’s- Instead the company was stolen by the suppliers of Scot Brown / Nature's Alternatives/ When you purchase plates from them you are supporting a person and company that comes from greed, underhanded tactics and hatred.

3. The two gentleman who were due to inherit the company gave their blessings in continuing the plates business. Friends of Ralph have often told the owners of that they remind them a lot of Ralph: giving away plates for free, with deep spirituality and the loving nature he had.

4. If you were to ask Nature's Alternative for proof that they own the Trademark and or/ patent for the plates they would not be able to provide any- there is NONE. Ralph specifically did not patent the plates.

5. The Purple Plates are harmony, healing and positive energy. As is apparent Natures Alternatives/ Energy has presented otherwise, choosing to sling mud and act in a very unsavory manner which speaks volumes about their character and negative energy.

6. On Scot Brown's page (owner of mentioned websites) he has urged his customers to report our site to FTC,. This is nothing more than a tactic to make customers believe there is a legitimate complaint, when it's merely a link to the FTC main site. Anyone could do this. There is no case or any proof of falsehood.

7. If were selling “fake” plates why has there been NO success in filing a lawsuit?

8. A large percentage of the funds from are allocated to, (an organization that aids families & children in need) Also, Purple Plates has always provided plates free of charge to people in need who cannot afford a plate. This included many Large Plates to Japan during the Fukushima event, to negate the effects of radiation there.

9. How are the “manufacturers” (and who ARE the manufacturers?) verifying that all the sites slammed at Nature's Alternatives are indeed Frauds? This logic is self-serving, and points once again to the corruption and greed of and

10. The GENUINE PROCESS created by Ralph Bergstresser is strictly adhered to by us. A friend of Ralph’s works with us. Our plates can be tested with Radionic equipment, kinesiology, and energy workers with great success.

11. Selling the beautiful and harmonious purple energy plates should never entail malicious tactics. Our opinion is that LOVE is the bottom line of everything. One of our missions and heartfelt intents is to provide these plates with Love, Positive energy toward healing and abundance in all good things.

Angelic Energy of Purple Plates