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The pomegranate, in very close relationship and symbol of garnet, is referenced in Greek myth. These references have given garnet some of it's legendary characteristics. The most notable reference where garnet is thought to be symbolized by a pomegranate, involves Hades and Persephone. It is as follows: After Hades had abducted Persephone and taken her down into the underworld, Zeus, on the behalf of Demeter, commanded him to release her. Zeus sent Hermes to ensure the safety of Persephone's passage. Hermes found Persephone seated next to Hades. Upon the sight of Hermes, Persephone was elated to be released from underworld. Hades knew he must head the command of his brother and had no choice but to let her go. Hades was eager to ensure her return. Before leaving, Hades gave, as a gift to Persephone, a pomegranate. She willingly accepted it and Hades knew that once she experienced the sweetness of the ripened seeds that she would return to him. In fact Persephone did return to Hades for three months of every year forever. Persephone's return caused the winter to arrive for the three month for which she remained with Hades.

Its meaning has given symbolism to garnet as a gift of love's attraction, a gift of quick return or as a gift of estranged love. This myth gave partial rise to the belief that garnet is a stone for loved ones who travel and a crystal that can heal the broken bonds between lovers.

Garnet Legends
Garnet has long been associated with fire and illumination for many ancient cultures.Garnet has also been said to light the palace of the medieval monarch of Abyssinia It continually remains a symbol today of faith, truth and light.

Garnet and Modern Myth
Garnet has been used by various Indian tribes to enhance the potency of fire and to heal and enlighten their people. Among these tribal groups are Mayans, Aztecs, certain African tribes, Native American and South American Indians. It has also been said that garnet has been ground up into a soft silky mass and heated to act as a medicinal remedy for fever (even yellow and other dangerous forms of fever). Many healers continue to use garnet today as a supplimental cure for nightmares, attacks, jaundice and unclean auras.