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UNAKITE Touchstone 30x40 mm

UNAKITE Touchstone 30x40 mm

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This amazing crystal is often known as 'the relationship stone' With red jasper and epidote blending to create a single combined Crystal that balances emotion and love energies. While encouraging Compassion and kindness it can bring to light a real lift when Love relationships are challenged. When seeking to create new relationships or consolidate or commit To someone in friendship or love, this stone has everything you need By promoting patience in a gentle breaking down of bad Habits, thoughts and patterns that don't serve you well. Growing together Rather than growing apart is the key to long and loving relationships. You need this crystal if:

Relationships feel distant or under pressure

Learning to have a new relationship with someone

Have trust issues in relationships

You want to develop an ability to have a committed relationship

Bring two parties together, partnership, love or friendship

Seeking lasting love

Seeking relief from grief

Sensitive children, teens

Clearing emotional blockages

Chakra: Heart Element: water Astrology Signs: Cancer, Scorpio,Pisces

Unakite is a made up of a combination of three minerals: Green Epidote, Pink Feldspar and Quartz. It is a balancing stone helping to balance all aspects of the self; emotional, spiritual and mental, and allowing you to feel more centered.

Unakite is also believed to help release energy blockages, that may be inhibiting your growth, and to encourage you to live in the present rather than in the past. The Pink Feldspar in Unakite encourages you to love yourself for who you are, which in turn allows you to attract and keep the love of others.

It is also said to benefit the female reproductive system, also during pregnancy. It is also said to provide support to those recovering from a major illness or convalescing . Placing Unakite in a room, either as a large piece or as several small tumbled stones in a bowl, is said to bring in a gentle calming energy.

It is believed to be helpful in reducing the effects of electromagnetic smog. For this reason it can be beneficial to place a piece on top, or near, the television set.