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ROSE QUARTZ Heart Stone 20X20 mm

ROSE QUARTZ Heart Stone 20X20 mm

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This amazing crystal bestows that wondrous energy known as universal love, not human love or compassion, as this love beats all, it doesn't need another person to give it, in fact it isn't given at all, it just is! When you invite Rose Quartz into your life you are already inviting the cosmos to share with you in a most intimate way. When the quartz is shaped into a heart it adds the element of softening hard edges, gently blurring the lines of inflexibility and encouraging a pure emission of love.

Like any Quartz it is an emitter and can help to send love vibes far afield just as it can open you up to be a receiver as part of the process of life. Compassion is not something we do, it is something we are simply by being alive, it is only when we close down the avenues of receiving that we also minimize our ability to give love. It is a cooling and calming influence where fiery passions and anger are present, it is a gentle reminder that in life the only true healer is love.

You need this crystal if:

You are suffering pain and withdrawal

Feeling unloved or alone

Depression is an issue for you

You don't understand the suffering of others

When you tend toward a me me me attitude

Friendships are difficult and break down easily (pair with a tigers eye for amazing results)

Grief overrides other thoughts, feelings and emotions

If you deny your own needs in favor of others

Loneliness dictates your behavior and choices

When you need energy to give

If you fail to recognize the depth of another's soul

Chakra: Heart & Solar Plexus
Element: Water
Astrology Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces