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Healing Ball, Natural Clear Quartz w/Stand

Healing Ball, Natural Clear Quartz w/Stand

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Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Ball, 110mm, (with wooden stand: $49.99 ea. )

What Is Crystal Gazing About?
The art or process of "seeing" is known as "scrying", whereby images are claimed to be seen in crystals, or other media such as water, and are interpreted as meaningful information. By contrast, some professed seers say that they do not actually see images in the crystal, but rather that the featureless interior of the crystal facilitates them in clearing their mind of distractions so that future truths or events will become known to them.

When the technique of scrying is used with crystals, or any transparent body, it is known as crystallomancy or crystal gazing.

This crystal is lauded for its ability to bring clarity, it is only fitting that
It would be shaped into a sphere to use as a scrying tool.

Clear Quartz is
A well-known transmitter of information, which doesn't amplify but
Insists on radiating into spaces and places that are difficult to pin down
in one's consciousness. Because this crystal's claim to fame is clarity, it is
the perfect stone for truth seekers and also makes a wonderful tool
for readers of energy and those who venture into future potentials.

A sphere adds the element of completion, that information becomes clear
as a whole and not in its parts which can leave one unsure of the layers
of any vision or clairvoyant experience. Using a crystal ball offers something
that standard reading styles don't.

For those who have trouble
discerning imagery or undercurrents this is the ultimate tool. It has the added
benefit of generating and transmitting within an environment. This means it is
easier to know who means what in any communication wherever it resides.
Just placing this sphere in a space where there have been arguments
will allow understanding, which provides an opportunity
for resolving any issues.

Reasons you want this crystal:

To develop clairvoyant abilities

You want to understand hidden energy

Misunderstandings are commonplace for you

You are a truth seeker

You want to connect to those who have passed

It is difficult to know undercurrents and the motives of others

You want to 'clear the air'

Learning to focus on the big picture

Increasing intuitive abilities

Connect with those who are not of this earth

You want clarity in any and all situations

Linking between the earth and the cosmos

Chakra: Any
Element: Earth
Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn