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TIGER EYE Touchstone 30X40 mm

TIGER EYE Touchstone 30X40 mm

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Tiger Eye Touchstone. $9.99

This wonderful stone blends the polarized energies of both the sun and the earth, and in so doing allows the user to see two sides of any one situation, or both sides if there are others involved. It creates a balance than can only be achieved by understanding the various components of a situation or creation making it a perfect mediation tool. If you are often in the role of piggy in the middle, this is the stone for you, it encourages positive speech while grounding energy which is truly a marvel indeed. This is not about choosing or taking sides, but rather seeing both sides as valid and being able to discern the common ground.

This is a crystal of living in the now, quite literally, it aids in removing the filters of experiential prejudice so you can see things as they really are. Any choice, path or behaviour can only be an outcome of what you know, Tigers Eye allows you to see the truth and then you can act on it ensuring the path of choice is also a path of personal truth.

You want this crystal if:

You are at odds with anyone

If you cycle the same old argument or behaviour

If you have trouble seeing another person's point of view

If you have an attitude of my way or the highway

If you constantly go back and forth between options

When you are seeking balance in life

Polarity balancing will assist you in maintaining emotions

Self-discipline goes out the window as soon as a momentary desire gets in the way

You are changeable or moody

If life just seems to keep handing you lemons and you don't know why

Chakra: Sacral (navel)
Element: Fire
Astrology Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius