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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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In 2002 I bought a house. The water in my new house had an unpleasant taste. I had it tested and nothing was "wrong" with it. Moving obviously wasn't an option so I went online in search of a solution.

I found these purple plates for sale, and they aren't expensive so it was worth a try. I ordered one and when the package came to my PO box, I went with my then six year old to pick it up at the post office. I didn't open the package but handed it to her and went back to the car to go home. On the way home, she was holding the unopened package and asked me; "why is it vibrating?" My first thought was to wonder what kind of six year old knows and uses the word "vibrating?" But she's a pretty smart kid. I told my daughter I don't know but that she could open the package if she wanted. She opened up the package and handed me the purple plate. I couldn't feel any sort of vibration so I handed it back and said I would look at it when we got home.

At home, she told me that it was still vibrating but I still couldn't feel anything from it at all. So I tested it first on a cup of water, then coffee, then soda, then orange juice. All of them tasted "smoother" or "fresher" after a few minutes on the plate. Was it just my imagination? I put the plate under my incoming water pipe and left it there. My tap water did taste better after that, but my washing machine, dishwasher, and shower all worked better too. Could ALL of this be my imagination? I don't see how. I bought more purple plates and put one under my bed, in the refrigerator, in my car, in my purse, etc. My car started getting better gas mileage; not a huge amount, but 5-10% better. Since I tracked my fuel costs on gasbuddy and didn't change my commute at all, this could not have been my imagination. My refrigerator froze everything inside and had to be turned to a lower setting, which made my electric bill lower, also impossible to imagine. The electric bill doesn't lie.

What reminded me to finally write this review is a knee injury. I had hurt my knee and went to the Dr. and found out my lateral ligament is strained (but thankfully, not torn.) I had been icing and wrapping my knee but it didn't get any better, presumably since I was unable to just sit at home with my knee up and iced. But I could not walk without pain, and running or stairs were out of the question. A few days later I decided to tuck a small round purple plate under my knee wrap. The next day I walked 4 miles, and even ran briefly.

My daughter is now 24 (July, 2021,) and confirms that the same purple plate still vibrates exactly the same. I still feel nothing when I touch it, but I can still taste the difference in my food and drinks, and see the difference in my bills.