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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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After receiving it I put it on by placing it on a piece of duct tape along with a small Tachyon Ultra disk on a body problem area. I immediately felt it's energizing properties. I read the small accompanying pamphlet with enumerated uses. The last one about disappearances left me thinking that such things happen to others but never myself. Later on I went to sleep wearing it taped on. Upon waking I got up and around for awhile and later noticed that the Tachyon disk was there but the Purple disk was gone, nowhere to be found. During my sleep I had a dream about encountering some irresponsible individuals (not evil) who obviously had few embodiments and needed to learn some basic life lessons. I imagine what happened is that when you sleep with it on and go to the astral you bring along with you a connection with the physical i.e. disk. If someone in the astral likes the energy of your astral purple disk they can take it from your astral and then take up all its remaining physical components through your astral connection to it. When you get back all the components have been sucked up to the astral and it is no longer in the physical. I will no longer wear purples' to sleep and keep the contact with them while sleeping minimalized by placing them under my big Orgonite pyramid. Love purple and Tachyon combined and the mid astral levels probably cannot use the Tachyon energy but Purple is like candy to them.