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Purple Tesla healing and energy plates and jewelry. has been providing thousands of happy customers with positive energy plates, disks, angels and healing and energy jewelry including crystal necklaces, purple energy earrings and purple energy bracelets for over a decade.


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Angel Soap

This fine, organic soap combines Lavender, Olive Oil, Vitamin # and Shea Butter. Calming and harmonious, this cleansing bar emits the sanctity of angels and allows peace and harmony. $5.25

Price: $5.25
Angel w/Big Halo Necklace & Purple Energy Disk

One should never be without angelic protection encircled in a halo of sparkly stones and backed by a Tesla Purple Energy Disk. Now you've got it all!

Price: $28.99
Ankh and Tesla Energy Disk Earrings

Decorative burnished gold, detailed ankh and disk earrings. 2" long.

Price: $24.99

Finally, an energy cuff that fits easily around your lower legs, ankles, or upper arms, where lots of daily stress can cause problems. Approx. 9 inches X 2”:

Price: $19.99
Aphrodite - A hauntingly beautiful scent that reflects falling d

Gift wrapping is available at no extra charge. Please request when ordering. Aphrodite - A hauntingly beautiful scent that reflects falling deeply in love

Price: $12.99
Arcangel Incense Sticks

San Miguel Arcangel Incense Sticks. 20 sticks hand rolled from India.

Price: $3.98
Archangel Michael Invocation Candle

This royal (one candle in glass container) 8-inch Archangel Michael Candle is infused with Frankincense & Myrrh Oils for a heavenly scent! It is decorated with 24 K Gold and cultured pearls. Includes an Archangel Michael Sigil (an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power), instructions for invocation, and wooden stick for relighting the candle.

Price: $23.99
Asian Dragon Bell

Exotic hanging brass bell held in dragon's mouth. External clapper hangs from chain. Very elaborate and unusual. A great gift or altar instrument. 5" high x 2.75 diameter.

Price: $19.99
Aurora Perfume Bottles

Aurora Perfume Bottles Glass crystal with gold accents. These gorgeous bottles, approx. 3" wide, and 3" tall, reflect all colors of the rainbow and are everchanging, depending on how you look at them. Glass stopper, and room for approx. 1 Dram of Oil (you chose from our list of oils!) Round- 29.99 Rectangular- 29.99

Price: $19.99
Autumnsong Perfumes

OUR OWN SCENTS REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE WITH ANY ORDER! (Gift wrapping is available at no extra charge. Please request when ordering.) Each PERFUME SPRAY is 12.99. OILS 5.00 ea. for 1 Dram. HOLY NIGHT- Frankincense & Myrrh are 2 of the oils that make this scent a perfect sanctuary. (FOR MEN OR WOMEN) DOUBLE FUDGE- Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! TEMPLE- Cedar Wood, Lavender, for purification MOONLIGHT- Soft, creamy, comforting TIME IN A BOTTLE- Lemon musk- timeless OSTARA- Vanilla, musk LAVENDER FIELDS- Crisp scent of Lavender (For MEN or WOMEN) PATCHOULI- One spray lasts all day- high quality patchouli perfume. CARNIVAL- Bright scent with wild cherry, vanilla and chocolate. APHRODITE- A hauntingly beautiful scent that reflects falling deeply in love. SOLEIL- Gloriously sunny with hints of orange, lemon and fresh ivy. GARDENIA- Smells so much like fresh gardenias, you'll swear they were growing nearby! MIDSUMMER NIGHT- Ylang Ylang, China Opium- so lovely! WISTERIA/SANDALWOOD- These 2 scents mixed create a lovely incense, Middle Eastern-ish ROSE RED- Wild roses, Tea Roses & wild fern. DREAM- (For MEN or WOMEN ) Clean, crisp popular scent with men. AVALON- Enchanting, delicate. Musky and ethereal. D'JINNI- Wish you had a Genie to grant 3 wishes? One of them would be for this scent of Sandalwood and Vanilla. LOVE SPELL- A perfect combination of alluring scents. Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Rose, Egyptian Jasmine. RAIN- The fresh scent of a meadow after the rain. Hyacinth & Lily of the valley. Very popular. AUTUMNSONG- The wonder of Autumn- Egyptian Musk, autumn leaves, and crisp wind. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE- Secret Ingredients of course, but using it will put anything in the realm of possibility! (This is one of our most popular!) BONFIRE- Distant bonfires, and the meadows of Autumn. (FOR MEN OR WOMEN) HOPE- Calming seas, tranquility, clean scent. TWILIGHT- Arabian Sandalwood is one of the ingredients in this amazing perfume! TO ORDER PLEASE CALL 1 860-830-9069 (Postage $5.00) Or send order via mail to: AUTUMNSONG Perfumes PO BOX 454 East Longmeadow, MA 01028 USA

Price: $12.99